Starting your

coaching business?

Find clarity by learning the

5 steps I used to create a

successful group program

and sign a 5 figure client in

just a few weeks




I used to think that you had to know everything before you

could start working as a coach full time.

I had no idea what my niche was or how I was going to find any clients.

I also wasn't 100% sure if I was ready to start charging for my services.

Fast forward some soul searching and lots of trial and error.

I was able to create a community of over 100 people in 3 weeks

without an email list or social media following.

I filled a group course with 8 people in 24 hours.

I got my first 5-figure client contract within a few weeks

of launching my group program.


The only thing keeping you from

your fully booked coaching

business is your belief

in yourself.

That's why I don't just focus on techniques.

I love to meet people, like you

and figure out what your big

future legacy will be.

Then we can create your business

from the ground up, together.

Watch my New Coach Empire

Class below...

I'll show you how to (finally) pick your perfect niche in the next 5 minutes

See exactly how to build your program without tech in just 1 day

Learn the simple steps to selling out your group program in 24 hours


"I have been talking about starting an online business for years. I've signed up for other classes and never moved an inch forward. This was the first time. It gave me the steps I needed to move forward and build a coaching business online. And beyond teaching me, what she really did, she modeled for me how to be a mentor, how to be a coach and she holds my vision even now. I've never had anyone do that. If you want to do an online coaching program, this is absolutely the stepping stone to get there."

-Wendy Carlin

Nutritionist and Self-Love Coach

"You made me leave my comfort zone and take the necessary but a bit uncomfortable steps. I never thought I would be in front of a camera - today, I'm live on Facebook 😱 I would not have done it without your encouragement! Words cannot express how grateful I am for all you've done. 🙏 🤩 "

-Marie Kiovsky

The Stress Free Mom Coach

Meet your coach,

Hey! I'm Anna Grabow and I'm the CEO and Founder of New Coach Empire, an 8-week intensive program designed to help any new coach find their purpose and build the business of their dreams.

I'm also a podcast host of the show The Premise of Purpose where I interview successful coaches and entrepreneurs on how they discovered their purpose and overcame their setbacks in order to live a life they only dreamed of.

I've been a coach for over 5 years and during that time I've been hired by some of the biggest coaches in the industry to help grow their online programs, increase sales, develop marketing, and design customer journeys.

Although I love working with these big coaches who have 100's of new clients a month, my favorite part about coaching is helping the people who are just like I was a few years back.

When I help someone brand new to coaching find their purpose, believe in their power, and start to shine their light on the world, my heart is complete.